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First used in 1994 by British journalist Mark Simpson, who coined the term to refer to an urban, heterosexual male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. Once the breast tissue has been removed, the incision is closed. Certain health clinics and gender clinics have devised their own Standards of Care for transsexual and transgender people, which may differ from the HBSOC.

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Electrolysis, cosmetic facial or body contouring surgeries or hormones may be undergone by a transgenderist. Similarly, other reclaimed words are usually offensive to the in-group when used by outsiders, so extreme caution must be taken concerning their use when one is not a member of the group.

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These linings may not provide the same sensate qualities as results from the penile inversion method, but the vaginal opening is identical. Scrotal implants may or may not be added during these procedures.

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