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But the problem with reformism lies deeper: Obviously women are biologically essential for the generational replacement of the labor force, and that in itself would imply some special need for control by the capitalist class.

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This element can play the principal role in determining the value of labor power. Thus Harman argues that the socialization of child care is both rational and theoretically possible under capitalism if not practically for now. Sex-love in the relationship with a woman becomes and can only become the real rule among the oppressed classes, which mean today among the proletariat—whether this relation is officially sanctioned or not. Likewise with the oppression of women:

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But these too were exceptions, and in the case of the USSR even more rapidly in other Stalinist states , we can see today that unemployment is resurgent. Reproducing the Workforce In Marxist analysis, capitalism is based on the exploitation of workers through wage labor. But the April 9 demonstration in Washington also showed that NOW and other establishment leaders are dedicated to legalistic maneuvering and support for capitalist politicians. The single woman worker with several kids at home gets the same wage as her married sister—a wage based on the supposedly minimal needs of the latter.

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