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That is my ambition with " The Dodo " Danish: Typical of their screwed of way of thinking, the project is now called "bringing democracy to the Middle East". Only in the most obvious cases has it been admitted, when a person in a powerful position or involved in criminality or other destructive activity in a country, was a Jew. This cemented the view, in wide circles, of the finance-Jewry, especially in the agricultural organisation LS, as being ready to sell out the national heritage for personal gain.

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Let me make it perfectly clear right away, that in saying these things I do not advocate a witch-hunt. I am only pointing to the most important fact of our time, which needs to be pointed out in the name of truth, for the benefit of everybody.

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That is the real way of peace and truth. Exotic names are prevalent.

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This responsibility can not be put on anyone else. They do this particularly by paralysing us with more and more filthy mass media that make noise night and take and smartly tell us what we ought to do. Mild brakes have been put on the import of Moslems just now, at least for a while, but their myriads of names give cover.

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